Gates vary in size and shape. In terms of shape, they can be flat or half-moon. The hardware can be black or galvanized metal.

Privacy Fences

If you are looking for seclusion and wanting to create a backyard retreat, or if safety and security are your main goals, a cedar privacy fence is the ideal solution. It helps keep in the kids and pets, and keeps out deer and other unwanted animals, as well as your neighbors line of sight.

Vinyl Fences

Here’s a very durable and long lasting type of fence. Vinyl fencing doesn’t need any painting and you don’t need to remove rust. They are available in 4’ tall picket style and 6’ tall privacy.

Split Rail Fence

A split rail fence or log fence is constructed usually out of cedar timber logs because they are easy to split and rot-resistant. The logs are usually cut lengthwise into rails and typically used for decorative or agricultural fencing. Simple in construction, they can be assembled with few tools even on hard or rocky ground. You can even build these fences without using any nails or other hardware. They are particularly popular in very rocky areas where post hole digging is almost impossible.

We can build your split rail fence 2′, 3′, or 4 feet tall.

Decorative Fences

Do you have a picture of a fence that you like? We can match it and add your personality, making your outdoor living space come alive. Let’s hide that ugly heat pump or air conditioning unit!

Small Garden Fences

Do you have deer eating your garden? We have solutions to help with that problem. Custom 7’ tall deer fences or a more agricultural looking 7’ tall deer fence will help protect your garden.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are good applications for keeping in pets if you are not looking for complete privacy. Chain link comes in different colors or galvanized. You have the option of 4’, 5’, or 6’ and privacy slats can be added if you don’t want to be quite so open.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is a good choice because of its sturdiness, and cedar wood contains oils that resist rot and repel insects.

* Standard Build: your average fence with the option of flat top or dog-eared fence boards.
* Standard Build with a top cap: similar to a standard build but has a 2×4 top cap giving a picture frame look to the fence. This application uses flat top fence boards.
* Custom Build: usually involves more details such as a 1×4 around the top and bottom or lattice on the top.

 A cedar privacy fence is a good option for total privacy in your backyard entertaining area and to keep in pets. It also keeps out pests.

Gates vary in size and shape. In terms of shape, they can be flat or half-moon. The hardware can be black or galvanized metal.